Quality Engineering services

The adoption of Agile methodology and the shift-left approach have become a reality with regard to today’s technology programs. The accent on quality and velocity are so high these days that they demand a very different approach to technology programs from what has been historically and conventionally followed. We, at Maveric Systems, having been in the forefront of Quality Assurance, advocate an integrated approach for such programs.

The Quality Engineering approach is not a new moniker to the erstwhile Quality Assurance. QE radically transforms the approach and outlook by looking at the fundamentals and the ills in the system and establishing methods and practices that would transform them. Even though processes have not reached full maturity, they provide a sound foundation towards sustainable quality and velocity.

Maveric’s Quality Engineering practice offer the following:

  • Consulting which includes assessment and crafting the roadmap;
  • Foundation Laying which includes setting up all the pillars necessary for the successful implementation;
  • Implementation which is a combination of new process, methods and tools being implemented alongside transforming the existing organization through re-skilling and re-deployment across the life cycle; and
  • Governance which is essentially hand-holding and supervising through the journey.